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Design for a tall emblem structure in Dubai. 2009.


The Emirate of Dubai is a state-city, which has very specific traits among the Arab world, but also stands out from the rest of the world. Dubai has the role of an important synapse in regional functioning, but her ambitions also work on a more international scale.

This city, which enjoys a strong strategic position in the centre of the world, is home to emblematic projects and events of a very high level. Primarily known for commerce and air transport, this cosmopolitan city aims to continuously maintain her position as an “ahead of her time city” thanks to the lucidity and foresight of her leaders. Dubai already strongly beholds a place in the centre of the world, and, could gradually turn to the universe.


The elevated structure is seeing, as both emblematic and sculptural, due to its unexpected shape.

Reduced to a strict minimum at ground-level, it unfolds generously to offer its main façade to the sky and stars.


The shape of the structure offers different readings depending on the angle of the view.


  • Viewed from the park and its surroundings, its shape reminds us of fossil energy geysers which were primarily discovered in this specific region of the world. In addition to this allusion, its shape offers us a realistic and renewable energy alternative, due to the numerous integrated photovoltaic cells that allow the structure to be electrically auto-sufficient.

  • Viewed from a plane or Google Earth, the structure may resemble an eye gazing at the stars and the moon; more and more felt to be the future living space of human beings. At night, this eye-like sculpture is lit like a beacon in space, becoming Dubai’s shining landmark throughout the universe. The North-West/ South-East orientation of its shape meets the expected requirements, acknowledging the dominant winds of the structure’s location.


Design by Michaël Bihain & Cédric Callewaert

Project Director: Pierre-François Gérard

Design Team: Anthony Graci, Xavier Delory


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