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Having trained both as a butcher and carpenter, Belgian Michael Bihain (1975) studied Interior Design at the St Luc Institute in Liège and Hull University. Following his studies he opened his first studio in London and he is currently working on the development of furniture design, industrial design, limited edition and interior design from his office based in Bruxelles - Belgium. His studio also produce some of his work, such as his 'Oyon' mural fruit holder.

Michael Bihain is teaching at the St Luc Institute in Liège and has been awarded several prizes. The Design Museum in Stockholm, in Seoul and the Musée de la Vie wallonne in Luik, has some of his creations in its permanent collection.

Michael Bihain is the designer that won't terminate the creative process. Instead, he seeks to hand over the creative process to the client, or owner. The objects are meant to work as solitudes - or by repetition create a new unity. Bihain hands over the "relay baton" - like the awarded, unforgettable, ladderlooking bookshelf Libri "Swedese".


The wall-panel SQUARE has been received the MIAW ArchiDesignclub prize by muuuz, 2016


The 'Diaphragm stool has been received the 'EUREGIO' prize at the RECIPROCITY design Liege, 2012


‘Human Cities', sustainable urban design, in which participated the bench 'Ondine', has been nominated for the 'Index award', Dannemark, 2010

The Libri shelf is part of the collection of the National Museum of Art of Stockholm, SW, 2009


Libri received the EDIDA, Elle Deco International Design award, 2008

The coffee table ‘Iris’, has been received the Henry van de Velde 'Labels', 2008

Michaël Bihain received the ‘Walloon Region Design Award’, 2008

The Libri shelf is nominated for the 2008 Swedish Design Award

'Libri' has been awarded the Prize for Best New Product 2008 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, 2008

The product COCOFRUIT is part of the collection of the Design museum of Liège, 2008


The Mosquito chair is the best chair of the day, by ‘Design Hole’, 2007

Nominated for the Design Brussels Award, BE, 2007


Michaël Bihain received the culturel prize « Coup d’éclat », by the 'Collège provincial de Liège', 2007 has been awarded Web Site Of The Day on TAXI, July 4th, 2007


Michaël Bihain’s work is nominated for the ‘Dynamo Belgian Young Design Awards, 2007'

The Mosquito chair is nominated for the Henry van de Velde 'Labels', 2007

Prize winner of the international Parck Design competition with the bench Ondine, 2007

The Mosquito Chair has been nominated for the ‘Award Design Report’ in Milan, 2007

Prize winner for the design of the STAR trophy, for the 'Agence Wallonne à l'exportation' (AWEX), 2006

The product OYON and COCOFRUIT are part of the collections of the Design museum of Seoul, 2006

Figaro magazine selected the product COCOFRUIT as part of the best design objects, France, 2006

Chosen Favourite by 'Gaëlle Maison', November 2004

Prize 'Aide à la création et innovation', Jura, France, 2000

Prize of the 3rd carpenter of Belgium, June, 1993


ESA Saint-Luc Liege, Belgium : 2005 to present

CAD, Brussels, Belgium : 2008 to 2017

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