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The Structure chair is the synthesis of 32 standard elements of equivalent length, a basic yet complex construction, an optimized and low-energy production for a maximum of pro-active emotion, games of shadow and emptiness, with autonomous and free lines set in a known frame.


Structure is the end result of a product made from 32 solid wood profiles, round and identical, and the desire to make the most of their potential. The elements look like they have been placed at complete random while in reality they are positioned and structured optimally for the user’s comfort and to provide its own sturdiness.


Visually easy to create and with a comfortable final reading, this chair nevertheless requires an advanced technical research for its conception and assembling.  Its ideal ergonomics will only be provided by the positioning of the straight elements with which it is composed. The chair’s particular structure allows the insertion of different coloured elements which results in a fragmented visual effect and a customisation of the chair.

Structure is stackable.



The basic production of Structure is optimized, consumes few calories and doesn’t require the creation of a new mould. Its outline provides it the necessary qualities in being a well- achieved piece which will allow it to remain uninfluenced by the changes in trend.


Structure is a product that requires our emotional participation necessary for a longstanding appreciation. This chair develops an awakening within us and pro-activity indispensable to our sensitivity.


The following assembled criteria: questioning, emptiness, archetype, basic structure, dynamism, revisiting, pro-active emotion, functionality, coherence and constructive evidence, define the Structure chair. All these re-united aspects provide its sustainability throughout time.


Structure is also:

The use of noble materials for a universal thought

A low-cost production for maximum impact and profound thought

Material : Solid ash wood + stainless-steel connections

Finishing:  Naturel or lacquered ash: white, black, red, yellow or blue.



H. 75cm l. 40,5cm P.47cm





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