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Designing a trophy which rewards the exporting firms, means designing and materialising the qualities and pictures useful to develop concerning the foreign market. But it means too being together, having  a global strong and perceptible Walloon identity and keeping the respet for his opponents.



For that purpose, I have created STAR. A simple, strong and extraordinary dynamic trophy.

- It is a trophy as well as a contemporary sculpture. 

- The 8 trophies are identical, except for the prize mention inscribed on the upper side

- They can be piled up to become one (see the picture on the left). Everyone will have the feeling to have been part of a whole, the one of the 2007 Walloon prize-winner firms, and to be part of the same chain.

- The twisted design of the trophy is obtained thanks to two turning on their axis triangles which evoke the openness to the other.

- The trophies can be placed horizontally or vertically.

- The sight in plan subtly evokes the part W of words AWEX /WALLON

Material :

Polished metal



H.27,7 W. 8,7cm

Pictures by BIHAIN studio





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