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Rolling bookshelves. Patatras is a new kind of books storage. It presents itself the rolling shelf made of expanded polypropylene and available in a range of bright colors. The shelf could be interpret as a wheel of knowledge or a round library. It consists of many single cells for one book each. With Patatras you should be selective about the books. It will become an awesome addition to any modern interior.

Patatras is the first rolling book shelf. Also, as we do not need to remove items from the shelf once we move, as it is a perfect pakaging! 

Material :

Expanded polypropylene


The Expanded Polypropylene is a 100% recyclable, environmentally-sound material. In addition, the Expanded Polypropylene offers quantifiable and significant environmental benefits with twelve times the impact of reduced fuel consumption through weight savings. As a high performance engineering material, the Expanded Polypropylene provides a range of performance benefits for both manufacturer and end-user, including: structural strength, light weight, chemically inert, thermal insulation, energy absorption, Acoustical, recyclable.


Dimensions :

D. 122 cm w. 29 cm

Design by M.BIHAIN


Pictures by Pierre-François Gerard





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