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The 'V' table is composed of an ash wood top lacquered in white or black, or of a glass tablet.

The narrow legs are divided into halves, and fixed to the tablet with rotary aluminium connections; they allow one to choose the positioning angle. One also has the choice between a great variety of combinations. 
The 'V' table is easily adapted from the archetype table with trestles to a standard base with angles; it may also be a subtle combination of both or additionally place the feet at random. 

The 'V' table becomes a creator in its own right; playing with its interior dynamic in phase or not with its furnishing.

The position of the 'V' table's base allows one to juxtapose the tables while keeping the regular alternation of its legs.


Ash wood tablet lacquered in either black or white; or glass tablet



H.73 L.220 W. 95 cm

Photography : Anthony Graci





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